Introducing Mataga Lait


Mataga Lait


Meet Mataga

Lait Lakong or popular be known as 'Mataga' is a local Lundayeh ethnic who live in a mountain area of Long Pasia. He, on his own (freelance), provides a service to whom who loves adventure and eagerly interest to explore the beautifulness mountainic scene of Long Pasia. He gets the guiding license from Borneo Tourism Institute (BTI) and starts guiding since 2005 till now. He also had been involved in volunterism with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) organization in nature preservation.

A man of many talents

He is also well born-talented into music and arts. His major well-played music instruments are guitar, ukelele and piano. Besides, his touch of drawing and painting from his artistic talent already give a big success as being involve in some exhibition which sponsored by NGO located at Penang, Perak, Melaka and Kuala Lumpur. His drawings aslo had being bought which costs almost thousandths Malaysia Ringgit. His love and passionate towards nature makes him as an enthusiastic person to show you the natures around his hometown besides sharing and exchange own interests and local cultures with peoples.

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