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The trekking can be done in minimum stay of 4D3N, with also packages of 5D4N and 6D5N available. But, if the longer time required from the guests in Long Pasia could be adjusted with lot more exploration can be fit in.

Along with trekking, Mataga would love to share and teach his survival skills living in jungle. These could be included on how to:

  • building shelters
  • setting traps
  • fishing and hunting (deer, frog, squirrel
  • skills to get water supply (from mosses, bamboo
  • forest fruit picking
  • cooking skills
  • survival use of plants
  • identify traditional medicine/herb plants
Besides, trekking the jungle also will leads you to see the unique flora and fauna that can only be seen in Borneo land. Those that can be spotted include:
rafflesia, pitcher plant, wild orchid gibbon, grey monkey,long tail monkey, hornbill, squirrel, deer

Why choose Us?

TAMAN KERANGAS EXPLORATIONExperience the Lundayeh hospitality.

There are many interesting places to visit near the villagers - the rice fields, the gardens, fish ponds, old village areas, burial sites, historical sites and smaller waterfalls. Near Long Pasia, you will also find a small forest of heath, reserved for the protection of orchids. The forest has two levels and in the lower level you will find both in-situ and ex-situ plants. This means some of the plants were growing here originally while the ex-situ orchids have been transfered to this spot after being saved in so called 'rescue missions' into the Ulu Padas logging concession area.

Why choose Us?

SUNGAI MATANG RIVER TRIP (traditional longboat)

Departing on the beautiful trip upriver from Long Pasia, you will initially see vegetable gardens and impressive patches of incredible sized bamboo. Further up river, the forest comes closer with hanging trees whose branches are almost all drpaed in ferns and orchids. The boat will stop at historical sites. A crocodile mound formed by soil many years ago, retains it's shape as a huge crocodile. Many headhunters feasted here upon returning from successful headhunting expeditions. You will visit old burial sites still containing parts of ancient Chinese jars that were used as containers for the remains of the dead. Far up river, a short distance from the burial site, you will see the impressive Batu Narit - a huge carved stone, which is said to have been decorated by the Lundayeh's forefather, the great Upai Semaring. You will spend the night in a camp on the riverbank. Depending on the water level in the river, the expert boatmen may now and again have to jump into the river drag the boat over shallow areas. If the boat cannot access all historical sites due to low water level, then the option will be to complete the journey by trekking on foot. At once in a lifetime river trip through this incredible natural environment.

Explore, Experience, Learn, Enjoy

"My setting for your adventure is the rural Long Pasia, reachable only on 4WD both rain and shine on land."



Experience our first class hospitality

Lundayeh peoples are really friendly and would welcome everyone with a warming heart into their community. The accomodation is specially running by locals in a homestay style. These basic traditional homestay would perfectly leave you a great memories by having a very cold fresh shower as the water directly supplied from mountain. The electricity is not 24-hours running (only from 6pm till 12am) as it is supplied from solar panel. Volunteering also can be perfectly done here as usually guests volunteer to teach the kids and also doing community works.

There are some other facilities in the village such as:

  • Clinic (24 hours)
  • Church
  • Library
  • School (kindergarten, primary school)
  • Football field
  • Shops (grocery, hardware, food stalls)
Besides homestay, guests can also try living in a mud house which will give another different experience of stay. The sunny weather in the day will give you a cold environment inside this house, however, the night time will bedding you with warm environment that will let you sleep soundly.


Lait Lakong aka Mataga

Lait Lakong or popular be known as 'Mataga' is a local Lundayeh ethnic who live in a mountain area of Long Pasia. He, on his own (freelance), provides a service to whom who loves adventure and eagerly interest to explore the beautifulness mountainic scene of Long Pasia.

He gets the guiding license from Borneo Tourism Institute (BTI) and starts guiding since 2005 till now. He also had been involved in volunterism with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) organization in nature preservation.

He is also well born-talented into music and arts. His major well-played music instruments are guitar, ukelele and piano. Besides, his touch of drawing and painting from his artistic talent already give a big success as being involve in some exhibition which sponsored by NGO located at Penang, Perak, Melaka and Kuala Lumpur. His drawings aslo had being bought which costs almost thousandths Malaysia Ringgit.

His love and passionate towards nature makes him as an enthusiastic person to show you the natures around his hometown besides sharing and exchange own interests and local cultures with peoples.



Rural and Pristine

Long Pasia is situated in Ulu Padas, which in Sipitang district, Sabah. It is located in South Western part of Sabah, adjacent to the border of Sarawak and Kalimantan. Long Pasia is located about 1000 ft below sea level and surrounded by mountains which promotes the cold weather.

Long Pasia is originally populated by Lundayeh ethnic (mainly Christian community) and the estimated population is ~800 peoples approximately. Their main economical support are from farming, hunting and livestock, besides eco-tourism as sides support.

Long Pasia can be easily accessed by public transportation from the Kota Kinabalu (KK) city. From the airport, takes bus to KK city (drop at Horizon hotel) which only costs 5 MYR. Then, continue walks to the bus terminal in front of High Court building. Next, takes bus to Sipitang, which only costs 18 MYR and takes approximately 3 hours ride. Soon arriving Sipitang, guests will be welcome by the guide (Mataga) and will then continue at least 3 hours in a good 4x4 wheel vehicle up the timber road to the village in Long Pasia.

Besides homestay, guests can also try living in a mud house which will give another different experience of stay. The sunny weather in the day will give you a cold environment inside this house, however, the night time will bedding you with warm environment that will let you sleep soundly.

To Find Out More:

Contact for any enquiries or reservation:
Phone (call/sms/whatsapp): +60 11 5338 1452 (Mataga)
Email: mataga_nature@yahoo.com


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